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Julie Reardon
Hope Springs Farm, P.O. Box 13
Orlean VA 20128
PUPPIES! Litter sold out
Please call for information on upcoming breeding plans. Our litters are almost always reserved before birth. Ceil's daughter Pottsy earned her first Master pass Oct. 2015 and will be our next to be bred (Hope Springs Little Ponzi SH (by Tioga's Big Ponzi MH ** x Hope Springs Silver Lining WD, a daughter of Hope Springs Dowry MH***) Incredibly strong distaff line. Full pedigree and OFA/CERF/PRA clearances and photos avail. on request.

STARTED Chesapeakes: We have none at this time, but let us know your needs and we'll keep an eye out, or check out www.cbrrescue.org for a selection of young adults.

For information on the Hope Springs Farm Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, please contact me at the addresses listed above.

   Photo Gallery
3 Generations
The Thug, Scott, Canvas & Decks

3 generations the girls
Puffin (in front) Jib and Panda (ash puppy on right)

A little lip curl

All Three Hope Springs Chesapeakes
Usher, Puffin and the Thug

Puffin has 3 majors and lacks only 1 point for her show CH

Baron & TenBrooks in the snow
Horses at Hope Springs Farm in Orlean

Canvas and Puffin at the Chesapeake KC dog show

Canvas attacks a puppy
Dual Champion/AFC/MH

CH Puffin II, JH, CD, WDX

Ches., Lab, Lab

Chessie smiles
Smiling Chesapeakes can be unnerving to the uninitiated

Chessy Babies
Puffin's baby pic. (she's the dark brown in middle)

Dave & Puffin

Fisher at 5 weeks

future champion

gangly Amazon puppy Jib at 3 mos.

I'll see you soon.....
RIP to Hannah, sweet pup that died May 22 at 4 months. Here she is whispering goodbye to J-Bell. Both are in heaven now.

Jammin' Jib and her loot
ACC Derby JAM, VA Retriever 2nd, JH, WD & WDX

J-Bell & Jib
J-Bell with her granddaughter two days before J-Bell died

Jib at 4 months

Jib at the Chesapeake Bay
She is all legs at a few days shy of 6 months

Jib figures out how to hold a duck with no bottom teeth

Kelly, a silver Lab
Silver lab Kelly with Jib and Puffin (Chessies)

CH Puffin II JH, CD

Pond at Hope Springs
one of 3 ponds at Julie's farm

Early Season 2003

Puffin & J-Bell

Puffin & Jib at Armstrongs' water

Puffin and Jib

Puffin leaps into the Chesapeake Bay

Puffin's 2006 litter
Puffin/Dance puppies

Puppy Pond Party

Pups ready to go
photos avai. from retriever field tests


RIP Jezebel of the Hollow
My wonderful old Chesapeake J-Bell died in my arms on Mar. 16

Sedge puppy

Ryen with Puffin and Bo during early goose season

TALLY HO! Long live the sport of foxhunting

Taz at 5 weeks
Deadgrass male Chessy pup

Taz, Jib and Puffin

The chase is on!
Baron chasing the Thug

The Thug

The Thug & the Slug

The Thug at 3 months

Trio...Jib, Scupper & Puffin

Tugboat Woods Colt WDQ
Chestnut Hills Ironwood Oak MH x Jezebel of the Hollow, bred by Julie Reardon

Vicious Harley Guard Dog

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